Логотип Актобе нефтепереработка


Safety is our gold standard!

At Aktobe Refinery, a high level of safety and compliance with safe operating practices is our priority. One of the key elements of our safety system is the availability of the Non-State Fire Service. 

This specialized department was created to provide reliable fire protection and rapid response to emergencies. Members of our fire department are trained in modern firefighting techniques and also conduct regular drills for effective emergency management.

As part of our proactive safety measures, the plant has implemented advanced control and monitoring technologies to quickly identify and prevent potential safety hazards. This includes automatic gas detection systems, pressure monitoring systems and more.

We also actively work to train staff in safety and compliance. Regular trainings and briefings help maintain a high level of awareness among employees, promoting a culture of safety in the workplace.

Our refinery proudly complies with all laws and regulations governing safety in the refining industry. We strive to be an example in safety and sustainability, demonstrating that the production of petroleum products can be an efficient and safe process.

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